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Eternal classic

AED : 350

Beautiful round basket designed with pink white and green color.
Arrangement includes:

  • Roses
  • Chrysanthemum
  • Spray Roses
  • Lisianthus
  • Carnations.
  • Free Card
  • Ribbon if needed



Product Description

How to Send flowers in Sharjah Online?

Are you looking for the genuine answer regarding flower delivery Sharjah? At, we compose and collect all your flower needs in our shop. We can provide direct hand delivery to any address in this emirate. Customized mix flowers basket and flower arrangement also possible by pre-inquiry from any part of the world. Same day delivery is possible without any additional payment or fees.  With this in mind, place your order online now, we will deliver the flowers within 3 to 4 hours from the ordering time.

Places of Flower Delivery in Sharjah

In a word, we have direct flower delivery service to the following locations. You can enjoy free delivery on the same day.

Central Sharjah- Rolla Square|Al Abar|Al Azra|Al Ezra|Al Darari|Al Falaj|Al Fayha|Al Faiha|Al Gaphia|Al Ghaphia|Al Gharayen 1|Al Gharayen 2|Al Gharayen 3|Al Gharayen 4|Al Gharayen 5|Al Ghubaibah|Al Qouz|Al Hazana|Al Jazat, Al Jazzat - same as Al Riqa area|Al Juraina, Al Jurainah|Al Juraina 1|Al Khalidiyah|Al Khan|Al Khezamiyah|Al Lyyah|Al Majaz (Al Majaz Corniche, Waterfront)|Al Mamzar|Al Manakh|Al Mansura|Al Mussallah|Al Mirgab|Al Nabaa|Al Nahda|Al Nasseriyah|Al Nekhailat |Al Noaf|Al Nud|Al Qadisiyah|Al Qasimia|Al Ramaqiyah|Al Ramla (Al Ramla East, Al Ramla West)|Al Ramtha|Al Riffah|Al Sabkha|Al Sajaa|Al Seef|Al Shahba|Al Sweihat|Al Tala|Al Turfa|Al Yarmook|Bu Danig|Bu Shagara|Bu ShagarahDasman|Elyash.

On the positive side, delivery is free to the above-mentioned locations and we can easily provide same day service. Mixed flower basket as a gift for men and women at the same time. Mix flowers basket which suits for any kind of occasions. We can change the color tone as per the special request for the delivery without any delivery fees. 

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