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5 Best Flowers to Express Thank You

May 5, 2021

Thank you for more noticeable gestures of goodwill such as gifts, special favors, and help in time of need is common and usually expected of you, but when you start expressing your gratitude for even the most little of good things that people do you inspire others to do the same and motivate a culture where goodness is respected and appreciated.

Although a “thank you” might show that you received help from another person but it never signals that you are inferior to the person you are saying thank you to. Rather, it's a sign of your appreciation and respect for other people and the good that they do. A simple thank you can inspire people. They feel validated when their efforts are recognized and in turn, are encouraged to do better. Expressing gratitude not only makes others feel good but it's proven to be beneficial for your well-being as well.

The people who are more expressive of their gratitude usually experience more positive emotions. In a relationship, the habit of expressing your thankfulness can improve your bond and make it stronger. There are numerous ways for you to make your thank you seem more genuine and heartfelt. Out of all the options available, one that's preferred the most is definitely flowers. Flowers are beautiful, make a strong impression, and are yet incredibly pocket-friendly. When considering flowers, there's a broad range of options for you to pick from as every unique flower carries a distinct feeling.

Here we've compiled a list of flowers most commonly used to express feelings of gratitude, love, and appreciation:

Roses: When you first hear of roses the picture that comes to mind is romantic scenery with two lovers at the center and sparkling hearts circling them. It's not a completely false picture, to be honest since red roses that signify love and romance are doubtlessly the most famous and popular variant of roses. But a less known fact is that another variety of roses that comes in Dark or Hot Pink is often used to convey gratitude, acknowledgment, and appreciation. Pink flowers are incredibly soothing to the eyes and a great way to say “Thank You” with elegance.

Orchids: Orchids, symbols of love, strength, and luxury, are widely popular for their mesmerizing fragrance, entrancing beauty, and vivid colorfulness. Orchids are universally adored and are a pleasing treat to the eyes. Anyone you gift it to is sure to light up with a wide smile.

Lilies: Lilies are big, bold, and beautiful. Their luxurious look and distinctive shape make them a great option if you want your feelings to appear classy yet sincere. There's a great variety of colors to choose from like white, yellow, and pink meaning you can pick a color that you think would be best liked by your recipient.

Tulips: These cup-shaped blooms come in many aesthetically pleasing and invigorating colors. They're generally considered a symbol of perfect love but their yellow variety can be used to express gratitude as it is considered to represent sunshine and cheerful thoughts. They're a great way to thank an office colleague for a favor or a teacher for your gratitude for them.

Hydrangeas: These versatile flowers have a calm and placid effect and are a great way to say thank you to someone for being caring and loving. According to many folklores, hydrangeas have been used to convey gratitude for hundreds of years. They're generally considered to hold the feelings of honesty and benevolence. You can gift them to a girl friend to show her how grateful you are for your friendship or send them to your mother to bring a bright smile to her face.

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