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6 Popular Colored Flowers Used to Make Organic Colors

October 18, 2022

Perennial flowers are available in various colors when spring strikes. The blooms are rich in colors that can be extracted from them using simple techniques and used in our daily life. There are various ways of adding natural colors and dyes from beautiful flowers in our life to bring a rainbow effect.

Here are 6 Popular Colored Flowers Used to Make Organic Colors for different purposes:

1. Roses used in making Colors for Natural Lip Balms

Rose is a symbol of love and passion and the strong fragrance is sure to delight everyone around us. They also give out crimson, red and pink dyes.  So, bring a lot of roses to extract the rose oil with the help of a double boiler. The rose oil, coconut oil and beeswax are amalgamated to make a sweet tasting lip balm. The balm has charming effects, soothing and softening properties to protect lush lips.

2. Marigold is used as a Natural Dye for Clothes

Moreover, the humble yellow marigold gives the best golden dye to color the fabrics. The marigold garlands available from the online florist. It is used for auspicious occasions like puja, weddings and event decorations. Add scented flower petals to a large dye pot that contains warm water and put on low flame for half an hour. The bright yellow concoction is strained, and the fabric is soaked in the color extract until the desired color is gained. The last step is to add soda ash to increase the strength of the yellow hues.

3. Hibiscus Flower Extract used as pH Indicators

The crimson red Hibiscus rosa-sinensis flower is a favorite pH indicator. The dried colored flowers and leaves make a cheap and sensitive pH indicator for many food products and other acid-base experiments. Hence, the hibiscus flowers collected from gardens in immense quantities and the natural indicators & prepared for lab work.

4. Blue Pea Flower used in Tea and as a Natural Food Colorant

A beautiful butterfly pea flower finds use in much food and drink coloration. The blue pea flower is rich in antioxidants and is a staple content of herbal blue tea. The nutrients of this magical flower have anthocyanin in abundance, which has good thermal and storage stability.

5. Yellow Chrysanthemums used to Paint Colors

Stunning oil paintings need only one ingredient; bright colors. The yellow hue of chrysanthemums extracted from plentiful blooms is perfect for painting in natural colors. It only requires a lot of fervor and creativity. Natural Chrysanthemum color can replace cadmium yellow watercolor paint and thus add to the painting’s authentic feel.

5. Lotus Extract used in Cosmetics to Improve Skin Elasticity

The pink color of lotus blooms is a combination of innocence and beauty. Their pink watery extract is the best ingredient for a lot of high-quality cosmetics. Lotus essential oil has components like flavonoids that impart younger looking skin to women.


Finally, colors always embedded in our lives and reflect our emotions. You may research more about the use of colored flowers to extract the organic colors. Some of these flowers are available at your local flower shop or with the nearby gardeners. But they not be able to help on the process of extraction of colors.

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