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The Most Beautiful White Flowers with a Name

November 22, 2021


The color white has always been associated with positive feelings of purity, hope, innocence, light, devotion, illumination, sincerity, faith, and spirituality. You can often spot white at hospitals supporting a vision of cleanliness and sterility, or at weddings symbolizing new beginnings, or at funerals showcasing mourning, sympathy, and honor for the deceased. In most scenarios, the symbolic meanings of colors are expressed via flowers. They are appropriate for a broad range of occasions, from weddings, celebrations, and even funerals. 

Flowers have been considered to have a language of their own for decades. Based on the chosen blooms, a floral arrangement can either relay the strength of your love or be a ray of hope in times of hardship. White Flowers have a particular sophistication about them. They look understated yet classy at the same time and are ideal for occasions where you don't wish for your gift or offering to appear bold and conspicuous. Keep reading to learn more about some of the most beautiful white flowers and how you can use them.

1) Ghost Orchids: Ghost Orchids, also referred to as Dendrophylax lindenii and white frog orchids, are rare, peculiar-looking flowers that grow in the humid atmosphere of places such as the Bahamas, Florida, and Cuba. These mysterious, otherworldly, and unusually beautiful flowers are considered to be an endangered species at risk from pesticides, poachers, the loss of pollinators, and climate change. 

2) White Tulips: These are among the most commonly used white flowers that can be used as wedding flowers, birthdays gifts, and funeral flowers. Tulips are usually small in size and bell-shaped. They are known for their feathery appearance, exotic looks, and beautiful ruffled petals. White Tulips are usually considered to convey feelings of honor, respect, innocence, and forgiveness. 

3) Gladiola: These sword-shaped flowers, belong to the iris family and have 260 distinct species. Their unique name originates from their also unique appearance. Gladiolus in Latin literally means a little sword. Their ancient name Xiphium is also Greek for a sword. These flowers are also called sword-lily. White Gladiolus flowers are known to promote prosperity and are ideal to adorn your flower bouquet to be gifted at a wedding.

4) Devil's Trumpet: Native to southwestern China and also called Daturas Stramonium, these flowers can grow to 7 ft in height. Other common names include devil's weed, jimsonweed, hell's bells, devil's snare, and moonflower. Devil's Trumpets are known for their strong aroma, exotic appearance, and longevity. 

5) Easter Lily: The Easter Lily, also known as Lilium longiflorum, are large white, sweet-smelling, trumpet-shaped flowers. The flowers can grow 2–3 ft. tall, 1 ft. wide. Their usual bloom time is summer, from late June through to August. Easter Lily is a spiritual flower associated with emotions such as hope, purity, and devotion.

6) Dahlia: Dahlias are known as one of the most loved summer flowers, refreshing in both their fragrance and appearance. Since the Victorian era, Dahlias are considered to symbolize an everlasting union and commitment. Therefore, they are a common type of flowers that you can spot at weddings. White Dahlias are also commonly used to celebrate a baptism or a newborn baby.

7) Moon Flower: Moon Flowers, also sometimes referred to as moon vine and tropical white morning-glory, are unique as they begin unfurling in the evening and stay blooming till sunrise. The nocturnal blooms are pretty to look at and resemble a full moon.

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