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8 Edible Flowers for The Cake Toppings

June 8, 2022

The most appetizing cakes and cookies have to be scrumptious and appealing. Cake decorators have infinite options for the customers with dreams of ordering showstopping cakes for every occasion. Everyone loves a variety of cake toppings like fondant decorations, fresh flora, fresh fruits and chocolate candies. The fresh edible flowers with a natural aroma can be used to adorn a well-sculpted cake.

Is it Safe to Decorate a Cake with Fresh Flowers

The vibrant cakes embellished with edible flowers are safe until some simple guidelines are followed. Fresh flowers can be used for strictly decoration purposes as there is a fear of them being treated with pesticides. So, if one is sure that the flowers are non-toxic and grown in an eco-friendly, organic and healthy environment, they may be thoroughly cleaned and placed as cake decorations. Also, we recommend you to use flowers for cake toppings on the same day. The flower petals will wilt and lose their luster if laid on the cake in advance like a day before the occasion.

Hence, here is a list of the fresh edible flowers that can easily be procured to decorate your cakes at home or in a bakery from a nearby or online florist:

1.     Pansies

The beautiful flowers are consumed for their taste like candies in the cake toppings. The sepals, petals, stamen and even the first leaves near the sepals can be eaten and they find a way to the tongues of consumers. Their taste is a little spicy and lettuce-like flavor – so in simple words, it tastes like green.

2.     Roses

All parts of a rose flower are edible and taste a little sweet and bitter. The Rose petals do not live longer when they are chopped, so a complete petal from its first floret can be used to decorate the fancy cake. These flowers for cake toppings are nutritious in some ways as they contain similar levels of minerals and proteins as other vegetables

3.     Dahlias

Handcrafted Dahlia cupcakes are everyone’s favorite. One must order from same-day flower delivery services to decorate fresh mini cakes for a party or occasion. The taste of lovely yellow petals is a sweet crisp flavor to tickle your taste buds.

4.     Lilacs

Purple-hued lilacs are gorgeous garnishing for pastries and perfect for vanilla cake decoration. The floral slightly bitter taste gives an astringent flavor to the cake and also possesses some medicinal qualities.

5.     Hibiscus

Pink or red Hibiscus flower looks enchanting as cake toppers. The petals taste like deep red cranberry flavor and also have safe and medicinal effects on humans. Hibiscus is vastly available in many of the countries.

6.     Begonias

Begonia petals with a variety of pink colors are sprinkled on cakes to enliven them and create a beautiful mess on the fondant and cream. Begonias have a citrus taste that is an added advantage for a twist in taste.

7.     Orchids

Orchids make breathtaking cake decorations for wedding cakes. Blue orchids are crisp in taste and safe for eating along with marvelous cake flavors that will be loved by the guests and hosts altogether.

8.     Impatiens

The blooms are seen in large varieties of colors and are the simplest shape petals that can blend superbly on the cake. The sweet flavor and soft color of Impatiens flower will excite you when you take a bite.


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