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8 Types of Indoor Plants to Gift to anyone

April 7, 2021

Who doesn't enjoy living and working around scintillating green spaces? It's human nature to feel at one with nature. Today with our lives stuck in labyrinthine-like rigid schedules, every passing day takes us a step away from the beauty and wonders of nature. Plant Pods are an easy and effective life hack to keep you tethered with nature’s wild beauty that we all crave. To add to it, plants are more than just a reminder of nature and an aesthetic décor item to increase the visual appeal of your house. Plants have time and again been shown to improve mood by reducing stress and encourage and stimulate creativity by invigorating you. Plants also effectively eliminate various air pollutants, making the environment healthier and happier. A considerate and thoughtful gifting option, houseplants are okay for every occasion and suitable for every age group. Not to forget, they're incredibly pocket-friendly too. Here's a list of some plant gift ideas to help you choose from a vast range of options:

Aloe Vera: Soothing and rejuvenating, an aloe vera plant pod is sure to add life and vigor to the environment. It's a great option for you if you're looking for a plant that can serve more than one purpose. It is not only good to look at but also has a myriad of medicinal uses. Jam-packed with nutrients, it can be used for consumption to boost health or applied topically to the skin to treat burns and scars.

Money Plant: Considered auspicious, Money Plant (Epipremnum aureum) is known to bring prosperity, happiness, wealth, and health. A money plant is low-maintenance and doesn't require lots of water or light so you can gift it to anyone regardless of their expertise in plant care. Here are some tips on how to take care and grow money plants faster. Watering infrequently is good for a money plant. Temperature also makes a role in the growth of the money plant; 65-80 degrees is preferable.

Orchid Plant: Distinctive in their beauty, Orchids can impress anyone. They are incredibly eye-pleasing and can match any decor. Orchids bloom twice a year and their flowers are known to last for as long as 4 months, whoever you give it to is sure to think of you whenever they look at this memorable gift.

Marigolds: Marigold plants are extremely popular and for good reasons. They're both easy to grow and easier to maintain. These long-lasting plants, venerated in the Indian culture, come in a diverse range of colors like red, maroon, yellow, and orange. An added benefit is that they are also surprisingly good at repelling insects.

Anthurium: The topper of NASA's air purifying plant's list, these vibrant and exotic-looking plants can light up any room. Anthuriums are famous for their long-lasting quality and are often referred to as the world’s longest blooming plant. Each flower usually lasts for several months and can keep blooming for a whole year, if taken good care of.

Cast-Iron Plant: Not too lavish neither dull, the aspidistra elatior, popularly known as the cast-iron plant strikes the perfect balance and is a classy, elegant, and delightfully beautiful plant that you can gift on any occasion.

Lucky Bamboo: Harbinger of wealth, happiness, and prosperity, and symbols of longevity, Lucky Bamboos are a resilient and sturdy plant that require little care and can flourish in any kind of light. They assume a special place in the Chinese culture where they are also considered symbols of strength.

Peace Lily: Peace Lilies, as the name implies, signify sympathy, compassion, and peace and are usually given in time when you need to show your support to someone in their time of hardship. They're also one of the most resilient plants and can survive with little care.

Anyone can consider these as budget friendly gift options that will stay at home or office for many days. Thus, give an opportunity to take care of something that helps health and pure atmosphere.


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