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5 Types of Flowers that Symbolize Love

June 14, 2021

Many struggles to successfully convey their feelings of love to the other person. Those three words can be a lot to handle when you're already overwhelmed with excitement and nervousness. But it doesn't have to be such a troubling ordeal. There are other options that can transport your emotion of love to your lover. And more often than not, these other options are significantly more effective in portraying your love. Here are the best flowers to symbolize love.

 For ages, flowers and love have been synonymous with each other. Many emotions that flowers signify rhyme with the feelings of love. Flowers are something pretty and pure and so is love. They exude freshness, fragrance, effervescence, and exuberance, or in other words, all things love-like. Flowers exist in both copious varieties and quantities, meaning you can have your pick based on variables personal to you. Today we are presenting you with a list of flowers that are most commonly used for romantic purposes. Be sure to check it out to learn how you can use flowers to express your love

1) Red Roses:

Doesn't your mind automatically and immediately fill up with romantic pictures when you hear of red roses? They have been used as symbols of love by some of the greatest filmmakers, lyricists, and novelists for hundreds of years. Even Shakespeare used these romantic flowers to finish his classic Romeo and Juliet. According to Greek Mythology, the said flower was created when the goddess of love, Aphrodite's tears, and her lover Adonis’ blood mixed and watered the ground. In eastern and southeastern cultures such as Chinese and Indian too, red roses are revered and linked with feelings such as prosperity, love, and hope. In the Victorian Age in Europe, flowers especially red roses were the preferred option to show love instead of public displays of affection.

2) Orchids:

It was Victorian Era held belief that the more unique and rarer the flower you gift is, the stronger and more passionate are your feelings of love. Orchids are rarely subject to conventional norms and grow under most environmental conditions, just like love which blooms unrestricted. Along with Love, orchids are also known to represent beauty, luxury, and resilience which means, you should definitely consider them when wanting to showcase the strength, purity, and beauty of your love.  

3) Anthurium:

Anthuriums are exotic flowers, unique in their looks and appeal. Their striking appearance makes their meaning tinged with sensual love. Anthuriums are also sometimes referred to as Boy Flowers and Painted Tongue. The heart-shaped flowers, in Greek myth, are considered to be the arrows of cupid and in Feng Shui, they are believed to bring good luck to a relationship. 

4) Tulips:

Tulips are among the most popular and universally adored flowers. They are also often associated with love. This association is most likely believed to have germinated from the legend where young Turkish men gifted tulips to impress and beguile women residing in the harems. Additionally, Didier’s tulip is said to have aphrodisiac qualities. 

The flower comes in many different sizes, shapes, and colors. Although flowers are more commonly used to convey romantic love, there are flowers such as lilies, hydrangeas, lilacs, and carnations that can be used to express love and care to friends, relatives, parents, and siblings as well. Sending flowers is a budget-friendly idea for expressing your love. So, what are you waiting for? Sending your loved one's flowers to let them know you're thinking of them is an easy process. You can book and send flowers online and get them delivered with an optional greeting card.

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