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Best Farewell Gift Ideas for Colleagues

July 7, 2021

People with whom you share an office room are likely to become a part of your life. And leaving them can be painful. Selecting a good farewell gift will help you extend your professional and personal relations. Here are a few ideas to help you find an excellent sendoff gift.

1. A Memories Book

A scrapbook is a perfect gift for long-term friends. You can tell the whole story of your relationship with it. Start with the first photo you have taken together. And finish with a photo of your recent leisure day. Enrich the book with captions, comments, and drawings to make it more interesting. You can also collect wishes from other co-workers and include them.  We do not recommend a memories book if your relations are not very long or personal. 

2. Coffee Mug with Photo

A printed coffee mug is a great gift for colleagues with whom you took your coffee breaks with. It also works well if you know they are a coffee lover. Your memories will be revived every time they use the mug. The best part, you give them a reason to remember you daily with every sip of coffee. If you don’t want to use a photo, go for an inspiring quote or an even funny one-liner. 

3. Flower Bouquet with Chocolates

If you have a coworker with a sweet tooth, go for this option. The benefit of a flower bouquet and chocolate box is that they can be coupled with other gift items. They work the best when combined with the other long-lasting items on this list. Make sure to buy the flower bouquet from a professional florist as per order. This will ensure that it looks adorable when you give it to them on stage. 

4. Inspirational Farewell Greeting Card

Does your colleague frequently share random motivational quotes on Instagram or WhatsApp? Then a framed picture with inspiring words printed on them can be of their choice. Stick to short quotes so that the picture does not get drowned in words. Do a little research to find out their favorite quotes. You can find this from their favorite author, poet, speaker, or movie.  Using quotes from these sources will make the gift more meaningful for them. 

5. Caricature with a Thank You Note

If you are a person with artistic talents, then this could be the best option for you. A painting takes a lot of effort and can bring in more warmth and love than a purchased gift. If you plan to draw a funny picture, make sure that your friend has a good sense of humor. Otherwise, they may get offended by your innocent fun. Add notes like “Thank you for the fun time we had together” before you sign it. 

6. Photo Frame with Best Wishes Message 

A framed photo is a classic gift for a workmate who is leaving the organization. You can opt for either a tabletop frame or one for a wall. But it is the selection of the photo that matters the most. Use a photo where your friend is the center of attention. Also, make sure that the photo has a printable quality and resolution. Photos of cheerful moments at scenic locations with your group would be the ideal choice. You can find the best gift based on your working relationship with the individual. This farewell present can be purchased from an online florist or a specialist shop to ensure delivery on a specific date and time. 

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