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Create Scented Mist with Gifted Flowers

January 7, 2023

Receiving flowers gives us a special feeling and makes us feel cherished. But there’s just one drawback; they soon wither and we need to throw them away. But if you don’t feel like wasting those sweet-smelling roses and want to do something interesting instead, there are so many ways to repurpose them. You can turn them into potpourri, make candles, frame them, or create long-lasting scented mists! Since most perfumes and deodorants contain chemicals, it is always beneficial to use something natural. Let’s see how you can Create Flower Mists from those beautiful and pleasant flowers –

Things you Need to Create Flower Mists

The first step to creating mists is finding the right supplies. You would need –

  1. Flowers (any kind would do; they just have to make you feel nice)
  2. An aluminum saucepan
  3. A glass bowl
  4. A sieve
  5. Essential oils (your favorite)
  6. A spray bottle

That’s it! All these supplies would be readily available at home and you won’t have to go out to shop.

The Process to Make the Scent

Now that we have gathered our supplies, let’s head on to making the scent –

  1. Separate all the flower petals from your gifted bouquet and wash them effectively with water. You can use any flowers that have been given, there is no hard and fast rule.
  2. Take the saucepan and put all the flower petals in. Keep the saucepan on flame and watch the flowers wilt for a few minutes. This helps the flowers release their scent.
  3. Add some water in a glass bowl, depending on the size of the spray bottle. Put the wilted flowers in the bowl and cover it. Leave overnight so that the scent is diffused.
  4. Strain this bowl of water into the spray bottle for collection.
  5. Add your favourite essential oil along with a few flower petals. This would give an aesthetic effect to the mist.
  6. Voila! You are all done.

Benefits of Scented Mists

  1.  Drugstore mists are full of alcohol. If you use these DIY scented mists, they would be safe and effective. Although since there is no alcohol, it would take some time for drying.
  2. The fragrance of a body mist doesn’t fade away easily. A single spritz would keep you smelling like fresh fragrance for the whole day.
  3. Whoever doesn’t like a strong fragrance can use homemade scented mists. They always have a mild and calming fragrance.
  4. They are cheaper and more effective as compared to market mists. You are getting a gift and a free mist as well!
  5. Homemade body mists can be easily customized the way you like. You can create different mists for everyone at home. They also work as thoughtful flower gifts for your loved ones.



Now you are an expert at creating body mists at home! So, the next time you receive flowers as gift from anyone, don’t just throw them away after a few days. Create Flower Mists within a day and keep smelling nice.

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