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Flower Delivery From Russia To UAE

January 25, 2021

As a popular international destination, people from all countries, pay a visit to the UAE. Being at the other end of the globe in Russia is no excuse to not send a flower to the guests. There are many high-quality flower delivery services in the UAE that accept international orders. Here we give you a few things to keep in mind when sending flowers to your Russian friends.

  • Things to Consider while Ordering flowers from Russia

The meaning and symbolism of a flower change from culture to culture. For instance, flowers that used to welcome people in one country may signify mourning in another country. Many Russians consider yellow flowers to bring bad luck. And red roses are strictly reserved for romantic partners. If you are unsure about what stands for what, go for carnations.

In the Russian culture, it is considered inauspicious to gift an even number of flowers on a joyful occasion. This is a minute detail that most people miss when sending flowers. However, it is best to send an even number of flowers if the aim is to convey your condolences. Contact your flower seller to make sure that they do not send the wrong number of flower stems. Also, sending fewer flowers can come off as inconsiderate. If you have to, err on the side of abundance as sending more is better than sending too less.

The style of the floral arrangement should be classy. Be minimalistic yet elegant. Avoid extravagant decorations. When sending a bouquet,  better to avoid the plastic wrappers and let them feel the freshness of the flowers as they receive them.

Yet another thing many people miss when gifting flowers is how they make contact with the guest. As most Russians in the United Arab Emirates are guests of the country, proper etiquette should be maintained to keep up with the reputation of the country. It must be friendly and pleasantly surprising while maintaining the utmost respect for the dignitary and his country.

When it comes to flower species, bunches of long-stemmed roses are a go-to option. Wild premium flowers set in baskets, vases, or box arrangements are another stylish idea while gifting Russians. You can also opt for a bouquet of seasonal flowers, especially something that is only available in the UAE. But just make sure that the flowers are in adherence to the internationally accepted varieties. 

  • Ways to Send Flowers to Hotels in Dubai for Russian Guests

With the aid of technology, it is easier than ever to send flowers to your Russian comrades who are in the UAE. The top floral delivery services have extensive services available through the Internet. These websites come with browsable galleries that showcase an excellent variety of flowers that can be delivered anywhere in the UAE. In fact, the process of placing an order can completed in mere 3 minutes and the flowers will be delivered within 3 hours for the guests to any hotels in Dubai.

If you need any additional information or clarification to make  Flowers Delivery in Hotels, contact the florist on the number given on the website. This way you can assure about the terms, the time and place of availability, and the details of payment. You can also contact the concierge at the hotel where your guests stay for further assistance.

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