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Gift Ideas for New Mums on their First Mother’s Day

February 25, 2021

Gift Ideas for New Mums on their First Mother's Day

Motherhood is one of the greatest celebrated moments in human life. And becoming a mother for the first time is the most memorable moment in any woman’s life. That is why we celebrate mother’s day every year to pay respect to all loving mothers in all parts of the world. In this post, we share with you a few ideas that you can consider when gifting someone who embraced maternity and is celebrating their first mother’s day.

  1. Pick the right customized gift

Gifts are best when they are adorned with a personal touch. If you are a family member, consider getting a family tree that includes the newborn's name. When buying a gift for a mother and child, the health of both of them must be considered. You can do this by shopping for superior quality baby-friendly products. When in doubt, ask  (there’s no harm in asking) a family member and get them what they need the most.


  1. How to treat with Flowers and greetings

Flowers are inevitable for any celebrations. It is expected for the receiver to retain them until they get withered. Flowers that have a relatively longer vase life will be ideal as opposed to bouquets or other arrangements, as they will not droop for a few days or weeks. Flowers go well when given with cards that contain a sweet message wishing them on a special day. So make sure to add a greeting card as well.


  1. What kind of flower do you like to send a new mom on Mother's Day?

Some people stick to the tradition of buying flowers of blue shade if the baby is a boy, and shades of pink if it’s a girl. However, in the modern world, you shouldn’t be bothered or limited by gender preconceptions. Flowers like lilies, peonies, gardenia, and orchids are the most popular options. Make sure that no one at home is allergic to the flower variety you choose. You can also refer to different charts that recommend flower species according to the month in which the child was born.

  1. What's the perfect gift basket to give to a new mom?

For special occasions, a single gift item may not be enough. You can combine a few assortments of gifts into a basket. This may include chocolates, flowers, and other consumables. However, be mindful to purchase a little something for both the mom and the child. Soaps, creams, and any other baby products are all welcome to join the basket. Whatever you buy, make sure that it has some utility for the mother or the child. Other gifts items can also be a perfect choice as long as they possess some emotional value to the receiver


  1. Give personalized Teddy Bears and Chocolates

Personal presents are unique in that they cannot be given by any person other than you. Even regular gift items for new moms like Teddy bears and Chocolates can be made exclusive. If you can manage to get a picture of the mother with her baby, print it on the teddy’s pillow. Cute fluffy teddy bears with custom printed messages will definitely make their day. Feel free to go creative and add a little teddy next to a bigger one to symbolize the mother-child pair.

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