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Gifting Sunflowers in the UAE. Interesting Facts

January 26, 2023

Gifting sunflower will brighten up your day and fill our hearts with joy and calmness. Although there are so many flowers that look beautiful, sunflowers are classic. As soon as we hear this name, our mind pictures a yellow, tall, and adorable flower. But these flowers are so dynamic as they come in several colors, shapes, and sizes. So, let’s talk about some of the best facts about sunflowers.

Top 6 Interesting Facts about Sunflowers                          

Every Sunflower Isn’t Yellow

Did you think that sunflowers are only yellow? Let’s tell you that there are so many options available like red and purple and all of them have a different significance in life. Yellow flowers are a symbol of vibrancy, elegance, and freshness whereas red ones are perfect to add a pop of hue to any bouquet. Purple sunflowers balance out a mixed bouquet.

Significance in Greek Mythology

Sunflowers have great importance in Greek mythology. According to it, the nymph (Clytie) transformed herself into a sunflower. She was in love with the god of the sun – Apollo and wanted to be with him forever. By turning into a sunflower, she could do that. So, sunflowers signify hope and love.

Oil of Sunflowers Have Anti-inflammatory Properties

Sunflowers aren’t just pretty but beneficial as well. The oil derived from their petals are rich in anti-inflammatory properties. You can use this oil to repair any kind of skin barrier and reduce water loss.

Sunflowers are Natives of the United States

Sunflowers belong to the United States and are now famous around the world. The leading state of sunflower production in North Dakota. So, whoever plans to grow sunflowers, they have to focus on soil, sunlight, water, and temperature.

Thousands of Tiny Flowers Create a Sunflower

Sunflower is unlike common flowers. Each flower is made of several tiny flowers and every petal on the circumference is a flower in itself. The colorful and long petals are called ray florets.

Sunflowers are Adorable to Look At

Sunflowers are cuddly in nature and they have often been termed “teddy bear sunflowers”. They are spherical and have fluffy heads that give them that adorable term. Some people use flowers for cake decoration and salad garnishing.

How They Make an Occasion Special

Sunflowers are lush, bright, and full of happiness. They remind us of summertime and lazy sunny days. Flowers aren't only just pretty to look at but are good for so many occasions. They make every day brighter and better. You can get a sunflower arrangement in Sharjah for weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, and graduations through an online flower shop. Sunflowers are available in yellow, red, and purple shades, giving you the option to create a bouquet or arrangement however you want.


Sunflowers are bright, beautiful, and perfect. You can use them for several occasions. So, if you are ready to celebrate an occasion with your loved ones or someone around you is feeling low, you know what would cheer up the moment! Gifting sunflower is the key to happiness and serenity.


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