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How to Get Flowers Delivery in Hotels?

August 8, 2020

1. Find a local florist to associate with

Guests may ask for some flowers to keep in the room or to give as a gift to someone. Birthday of the spouse accompanying or their wedding anniversary maybe during the stay in a hotel. Especially, for foreigners as visitors may not where they can locate a flower shop in Sharjah. They may find it best to contact the reception or concierge to ask for help in this regard. Some big hotels may have a florist shop inside. But, most of the hotels may contact a local flower shop upon any such requirement. Hence, it is good for the hotels to associate with a florist who is really fast in response and delivery. It is not only for the guests but for the hotel decoration also a hotel may require flowers. But for decoration, they may have an annual contract and the delivery may be on a specific day once or twice a week.

2. Call them and Ask

Usual practice is that the person in charge of concierge, guest relations or at reception calls the florist when the guest needs a flower bouquet. In this case, the person at hotel helping the guest should ask for the details like room number, name, date and time for delivery. It is important that the florist take down all the details and do not miss any information. Ask the florist about the price by sharing the maximum budget of the guest. Type of the arrangement also really matters. Bouquet, vase and basket are the general three types of the flower arrangements that the hotels order for guests. In addition to the gift, if the guest also need some rose petals to spread on the floor or bed that is also possible. Thus, be clear about the requirement while calling the florist.

3. Give Specific Details on Call

The person who calls the flower shop from the hotels should give specific details of the color of flowers, number of flowers, and style of arranging. They should provide the address to deliver and name of the recipient. Ask the guest of there is a message with flowers and florists can include that too in any language. The name in which the booking exists may be given if there is no room number available.

4. Fix a Time Frame for Delivery

Guest may need flowers at a specific time. In case if he needs them early morning, it is possible to order and get delivery at the previous night. The arrangement will stay fresh till next day morning for sure. In case if the guest needs a quick delivery within few hours that is also possible with florist not too far for flower delivery hotels.

5. Make Payment on Receiving

Another important thing about flower delivery to hotels is who will make the payment. Usually the guest may keep the money at reception or concierge. If guest need to pay using his credit card, it may be possible to send a link for the same from the flower shop. Similarly, the payment can be in any currency. Thus, if it is cash payment, pay upon delivery and if card payment ask to send link at the time of ordering.

6. How to Book Flowers Before the Guest Check-inflower delivery hotels

There is another case of the guest or the sender from another country calls the hotel to keep the flower bouquet in the room before the guest arrives. It may be to surprise the person accompanying or someone arriving to check-in. In this case, the hotel representatives may ask the guest to directly order with a flower shop online and they can receive to keep in the room. Or the guest relations may order and get the flowers for the guest.

7. Book Flowers Online to Deliver in Hotel

If you are in another country or Emirate and want to send flowers to Sharjah hotel or resort, the easiest way is to order online. Here, the hotel people are not at all involved in the order process. When the flowers arrive with address and details, they will just guide to deliver to the right room or person. Find a reliable florist by searching online, checking reviews, and physical location. Then place the order for a specific date and time range for flower delivery hotels.

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