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How to Preserve a Wedding Bouquet after the Function?

August 12, 2022

Weddings are made in heaven but the wedding bouquets and their lovely arrangements are made on earth. Much thought goes into the selection of the best bouquet for your D-Day. So you want to preserve the wedding bouquet that you held on the podium and keep it as a Memento throughout your life.

There are many ways to preserve beautiful flowers for a lifetime. Let us learn some DIY techniques:

1) Silica Gel Preservation

Silica Gel is the best way to keep the flowers near to their original form. Silica is a sand-like substance that is available in a nearby craft store. In a large air-tight container, silica sand is poured on the flower bouquet taking care that the petals do not get crumpled. It stays in that container for a week and after that, the sand is removed carefully. Lastly, the flowers are covered in a spray with fixative properties. The spray becomes a barrier between the dust and the bouquet.

2) Converting into a Paperweight

A paperweight in the shape of a cube or a sphere is a brilliant idea to keep the beautiful wedding memories with you for many years. You can buy clear toxic resin from the Craft store and a mold of your choice. Now pick the best parts from the flowers and arrange them in a beautiful pattern in the liquid resin. Now fill the mold to the top with the liquid and keep it unstirred for some weeks. When the resin will dry, an amazing 3-D paperweight will thus become the centerpiece of your working table.

3) Dry Frame them

Select your favorite flowers among the wedding bouquet or you can use the bunch as well. Now press the flowers on the wax paper very carefully so that it doesn't oxidize and causes browning of petals. Keep this arrangement under a heavy book for more than a week. Now your arrangement is free of moisture and you are ready to preserve them in a photo frame.

4) Pressing them to make a Herbarium

A great collection of dried flowers displayed in a hardcover book called herbarium is a unique idea to keep the gorgeous flowers that you used at your wedding. The book is a compilation of parchment paper and ivory sheets where you can stick dried flowers. You can also scribe important info, quotes, and dates in the printed columns.

5) Dip in Wax

If you want to enjoy your wedding flowers for the coming year, this technique that uses paraffin wax as a medium is just for you. Melted wax in a saucepan can coat every petal and the flower can be hung upside down to let it dry. Here is your bouquet of best-picked flowers preserved for months.

6) Hang upside for Wall Decoration

Have you heard of air drying of flowers used by our ancestors to preserve flowers in their original shape? The aroma of the flowers and their color are protected in this process and they look unique when displayed in your house hanging upside down. It would be such a nice feeling to see the bouquet on the anniversary day, right?

So, with such ample ideas, get ready to preserve the wedding bouquet with every flower that made your wedding the best day in your life. You may also contact a fresh flower shop in Sharjah for more information on this or to buy a beautiful bridal bouquet.



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