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How to Use Different Flowers for Greetings in a Variety of Situations

October 21, 2021

One of the most common uses of flowers is to greet. Whether it's a new neighbour that you would like to welcome to the neighbourhood or a guest at a party, flowers have been used for greetings for years. Flowers are an easy, affordable, and convenient way to add value and meaning to your greetings. Their captivating physical appearance, vibrant colours, and revitalizing smell are some of the key attributes that make them suitable to convey any kind of greeting be it congrats, welcome, thank you, best of luck, goodbye, or even get well soon. Flowers are also one of the easiest greetings presents to buy that you can find in almost any locality. Additionally, what makes them a great option for greetings is their symbolic versatility. This means, that you can find specific flowers to convey specific emotions. Let's take a look at the different kinds of greetings and the flowers suitable for those occasions. 

1) Show Thank You or Appreciation by Sending Orchids 

Luxurious and exotic in appearance, Orchids are considered to represent charm, beauty, strength, and thoughtfulness. Besides their looks, Orchids are also famously known for their rich fragrance because of which they are widely used in aromatherapy and perfumes. Additionally, the popular food ingredient used in many recipes, Vanilla Extract is also derived from the Vanilla orchid plant. Orchids are also one of the most common flowers to be used as gifts. They are the preferred choice for many when it comes to the expression of gratitude. Their grandeur and glory make them a noticeable gift option that is sure to stand out and make a lasting impression. 

2) Congratulate Someone Using a Roses Bouquet

Gifting flowers to congratulate someone is a common practice. You may think roses are only exclusively associated with romance, but that's not true. Although indeed, red roses are typically considered to represent love and passion, roses with different colours mean different things. Yellow Roses that represent good luck, cheerfulness, and prosperity are a great option to congratulate a couple blessed with a child, or a recent graduate who has secured their dream job, or a friend who has recently bought a new house. 

3) Wishing Anniversary by Delivering Mixed Flowers

Anniversaries are a time to celebrate relationships, commemorate togetherness, and wish a couple all the best for the years to come. For this purpose, a colourful floral arrangement with different flowers such as orchids, carnations, roses, lilies, and daisies is the perfect idea to deliver your greetings. An artfully combined eclectic mix of gorgeous blooms is sure to stand out and feel special.

4) Say Goodbye by Giving Chrysanthemum 

Chrysanthemums are diversely beautiful flowers available in a variety of colours. Different coloured Chrysanthemums are considered to mean different things. For instance, red chrysanthemums are said to represent love and passion, whereas yellow chrysanthemums symbolize sorrow and are expressed as sympathy flowers, and white chrysanthemums exhibit loyalty. White and yellow chrysanthemums are used widely throughout the world for farewell or to say goodbye. As a flower, that is often associated with sympathy, sorrow yet also hope it is ideal to be given as a goodbye flower. 

5) Wish Get Well Soon with a Sunflower Bouquet 

Sunflowers are vibrant looking that work to add much-needed brightness to the dreary atmosphere of a hospital room and act as get well flowers. In addition, as flowers symbolize good health, long life, joy, hope, and longevity, they are the first choice when it comes to wishing a loved one “get well soon.” But, when you try to send flowers online, it is always better to seek the suggestion of the supplier and confirm the availability.

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