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Impact of Corona Virus (Covid-19) on Flowers Delivery Service

August 3, 2020

Is the flower delivery service open in Sharjah during this situation is the main question that we face. Yes, online flower shop Sharjah will open every day with regular timings. There was a complete lockdown for about 15 days in April, due to the Covid-19 situation. But, now everyone is working by following the restrictions by the government and taking safety measures. It is important to keep customers comfortable and confident while ensuring safe buying. 

Regulations & Safety Measures online flower shop sharjah

Considering the safety of both employees and customers, like any other establishment this flower shop also strictly follows the safety measures. Florists and delivery men wear masks and hand gloves during their work. They make sure to wash hands with soap water after every transaction. It is important to keep a safe distance while delivering flowers. There were restrictions on shop opening and delivery time from May to June. However, from July onwards we are following the same time schedule of 9 AM to 8 PM.

Limited Import of Flowers from Other Countries

There was an irregular import of flowers from Kenya, India, and Europe as there were very less flights during the period of April to June. But, the fast-moving types of flowers such as roses and lilies were available almost every day. The import of flowers from India is almost zero. Thus, tuberoses and gladiola are not available. Premium orchids arrive from Holland once in a week, but tulips are in shortage.

Types of Flowers during Covid-19 Situation

Customers are ready to compromise of the types and colors of flowers during this difficult time. They are willing to trust the florist’s choice and thus make it easy for everyone. When they have the freedom to choose the best from available it leads to a win-win situation. We promise to do the best and try our best to match the ordered item.

Difficulties in Delivery due to Restrictions

It is a challenge for the delivery of people in many buildings to get access. The best way is online flower shop sharjahto call the recipient to ask for permission to reach the doorstep. The recipient may ask to place the flowers at the reception desk of the building. However, if it is an office address our delivery person can give it to the reception of the same office. There is no need to give a signature accepting the item. We can either place the bouquet at the doorstep or hand over them safely.

Stay Home and Send Flowers Online

It is always better to use an online flower shop sharjah during this Covid-19 times to reduce exposure to the market. Due to travel restrictions, people abroad are not able to meet their close relatives in Sharjah. They can safely use our delivery system to convey greetings and share emotions effectively. There are restrictions on travel even between the Emirates. Here the best way to send flowers or cake is to find out a shop in the same city where your recipient is residing. Though the sender does not get a chance to see the item, it is sure that a reliable shop will take care of the requirement.

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