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Keep a Bouquet without Losing the Freshness of Flowers

June 6, 2020

Fresh flowers are bliss. They evoke the emotion they represent. However, fresh flowers can easily get spoiled if you don’t render the right type of care. After collecting or receiving your bouquet from flowers online Sharjah, you can do a few things to maintain its longevity. Thus ensure they remain fresh for the occasion or few days.

Use clean water and change it daily

Fresh flowers are very sensitive to the temperature and climate. Hence, if you want them to look fresh like they were bought from flowers Online Sharjah throughout their full potential, you will need to treat them with clean water on a daily basis. Fresh and cold water is the best. Likewise, if you notice any fallen leaves or foliage, don’t wait to remove it from the vase right away. This helps the water to remain clean throughout the day and thereby prepare fresh surroundings for your bouquet.

Don’t expose your flowers to direct sunlight

If you want your blooms to remain for a couple of days or delay its opening up so that they are ready for the occasion, don’t expose them to direct sunlight. Put your flowers in a clean vase that contains fresh water and let it rest in somewhere where it only gets indirect light. When the occasion arrives and you want the blooms to be in full potential, sprinkle warm water so that the blooms can open up.

Flower food helps the blooms last longer

It might be sound strange but giving nourishment to the flowers will increase their longevity. You can get your supply of flower food when you place your order to an online flower shop in Sharjah. Make sure that you read the instruction on the cover before dropping in the nourishment to the vase. If you don’t have ready-made flower food at hand, adding a pinch of sugar and few drops of bleach into the fresh water in the vase will do.

Cut the stems neatly

After receiving flowers online Sharjah, it’s recommended to trim the stems neatly. If you have got a pair of shears, use them to ensure to a 45-degree angle clean cut. You can repeat this step on every alternative day. It is to remove the bottom of the stem that starts decaying in the water. 

Get rid of the lower leaves

When you place your flower bouquet in the vase; check if the stems that remain in the water contain any leaves. If you notice any leaves, don’t forget to remove them. This is because the leaves that remain in the water in the vase will start rotting in a couple of days. As a result, it will attract more bacteria to your vase and eventually cause the flowers like lilies and roses get spoiled.

Choose an appropriate place to keep your vase

The place you choose to keep your vase can also influence the lifespan of your flowers. If you keep it close to fruits or fruit bowl, you will find flowers aging quite faster than you would expect it to. This is because fruits produce ethylene – a hormone that helps their ripening and it can replicate the same effect in flowers as well if placed close to the fruits.

The beauty of a bouquet is nothing but the freshness of the flowers that make it. The steps above help you ensure the freshness of the blooms you receive from flowers online Sharjah.

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