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Latest Trends in Bridal Bouquets and Wedding Flowers

May 31, 2020

Bridal bouquets aren’t something new to find in modern times. The concept has been there since antiquity. There are records that show that brides carried bouquets of flowers and herbs in the times of ancient Greeks. The concept has evolved over time and today it is considered to be one of the main accessories of a bride in a wedding ceremony. Currently, there are varieties of bridal bouquets to choose from when you buy flowers online Sharjah. That being said, taking a look at some of the latest trends in a bridal bouquet is both timely and inevitable if you want to make it stand out in the ceremony.

Colorful bouquets with bright colors

As one of the leading services people choose to buy flowers online Sharjah, we have seen, over the years, the changes in the trends and tastes among people when it comes to choosing bridal bouquets. Of late, a lot of people seem to think that flowers with bright colors like electric magenta, orange, or pink make the bouquets look fresher. It will serve the purpose of grabbing attention. Nevertheless, there isn’t any decline in the demand for traditional shades like cream or white. More practical reasoning for the selection of bright colors, for many, is their easiness to combine with other colors like bold purples and citrus hues for trendy looks.

Bringing in new textures for a change

Just like colors, the textures of wedding bouquets too can break the conventional ideas bridal bouquet delivery in sharjah, the best way to buy flowers online Sharjahand give in a way for new trends. When you buy flowers online Sharjah, we can bring in texture changes by mixing up flowers of different shapes, shades, and blooms together. Varied texture changes can integrate into your bouquet depending on the flowers available in the season at the time of the wedding. Combining flowers of contrasting textures like carnation, roses, calla lilies, etc. are quite common and make the wedding bouquet stand out. On a side note, combing non-flower items like feathers, berries, fruits, etc. seem to like by a small but growing number of customers in recent times.

Monograms in Wedding Flowers

Monograms are an essential part of weddings although they weren’t so in wedding flowers until recently. There are different ways to integrate monograms into the wedding flowers. One most common practice is embroidering it onto the ribbon or fabric that’s going to use to wrap the bouquet. If the monograms can be sewn to the fabric with things like rhinestones or beads, the result will more elegant. Integrating monograms with wedding flowers is an excellent way to shed a little bit of personalization on it.

A wedding is a ‘once in a lifetime’ occasion and celebration. When you buy flowers online Sharjah, we make sure that your wedding flowers get the unique treat it deserves by making it in the style and trend you choose.

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