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AED : 360


  • 35 mixed roses
  • Pink White Yellow Orange
  • Greetings Card will be Free

Product Description

With a wide variety of colors and hues, here comes the best arrangement of 35 mixed roses bouquet of suitable wrapping. These combined roses can create a memorable image in receiver's mind on close-up look. Thus, making it much worthy in earning their appreciation. Our experienced florist understands the importance of this arrangement as a gift and make it looks prettier in any angle. Get simplified process of order and delivery from the website. It will help grab the attention of the receiver with a wonderful greetings card.

Variety of Colors and Hues - Bouquet.

The bouquet offers a stunning variety of colors and hues, creating a visually captivating display. Each flower in the arrangement contributes to the overall vibrancy, with shades ranging from soft pastels to bold and vibrant tones. It is a true feast for the eyes, perfect for adding a touch of beauty and elegance to any space.

35 Mixed Roses Bouquet Most Ideal For "Just Because"

The 35 mixed roses bouquet is most ideal for occasions when you want to surprise someone "just because." Whether it's a spontaneous gesture of love or a simple act of kindness, this vibrant arrangement is sure to bring joy and brighten their day. Its diverse range of colors and hues make it a versatile gift that can be appreciated by anyone, no matter their personal taste or style.

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