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AED : 175

  • Style: Hand bouquet arrangement with 6 yellow roses & 3 stem white oriental  lilies (partially bloomed)
  • Size: Bouquet Height 60 CM and Width 30CM
  • Quality:  Order, the new yellow roses and white lilies are arranged in off white colour wrapping and yellow colour bow ready to be shipped to your destination.

Product Description

You can do it with a yellow rose lily bouquet to spread or encourage the message of peace in your neighborhood or workplace. And you may also give this bouquet to wish someone well soon. Strengthen your relationship by sending this bright bouquet. It is a simple and appealing gift for a man in corporate or personal relations.

The Yellow Rose Lily bouquet is a stunning arrangement combining bright yellow roses and elegant lilies. Its vibrant and cheerful colors make it an ideal gift for various occasions, spreading joy and positivity to the recipient. The contrasting textures and fragrances of the roses and lilies create a visually captivating and delightful bouquet that symbolizes friendship, happiness, and new beginnings. Perfect for expressing appreciation, love, or best wishes to someone special.