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Mix Roses Basket

AED : 195

  • 12 mix roses basket
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Product Description

Mix Roses Basket

The hardest of all emotions is the realization that you are not cared for anyone. This can lead most people to depression. A whole bunch of things like sickness, breakup, or failure can drive one to these feelings. Reaching out to your loved one when they need you the most is a great relief to them. The time of being ill or injured is quite intimidating and lonely. If one of your loved ones is going through such a difficult stage of life, reach out to him and show him that you care for him a lot. Gifting a bunch of flowers or mix roses basket should definitely brighten up their day.

If the person concerned doesn’t have any preference of flowers or colors, any healthy flower that oozes out energy and life would do. Our new mix roses basket features specially arranged flowers for get well soon occasions. Flowers with different hues ranging from yellow, orange, and red included in the right proportion. These hues have always been symbolic of energy, good health and life. The flowers in these baskets aren’t strong in scent, so you can confidently gift them to a sick person. There is no need to worry that they would be disturbed or offended by the strong scent.