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Sending Flowers to the Hospital? FAQ

June 13, 2020

 Frequently Asked Questions

  •  Can I send flowers to hospital?

Yes, normally there is no restriction send flowers to hospital at Sharjah. But, if the patient is in the intensive care unit, there may be an extra room in his name where we can give the flower arrangement. In case if there is no extra room, we can call a family member and check where to give it. Please make sure to add the phone number of one of the family members.

  •  What flowers are allowed in the hospital?

It is better to avoid flowers with pollen and strong fragrance in case of delivery to the hospital room. If the patient is resting after surgery, such flowers may cause inconvenience. Similarly, some might have an allergy to pollen or a strong smell. Flowers like roses, chrysanthemum, carnations, hydrangea, etc. do not have fragrance and pollen. But, lilies are better to avoid due to their pollen and smell.

  • Which flowers are suitable for recovery?

Flowers help the patient to feel fresh and give positive energy. None of the flowers in Sharjah has medicinal value. But, it is the freshness, beauty, and kindness of the sender that acts on the patient. They need empathy in addition to medicines in order to recover fast. Thus, it is an indirect and miraculous impact works on the recovery of the patient.

  • Does the hospital provide flower vases?

No. Hospitals do not provide flower vase. Order flowers in a vase and the shop can deliver the same to the room. However, it is better to arrange big and long glass vase arrangements to the hospital due to the risk of breaking. A basket arrangement or even short vase arrangement is better for placing in a hospital room.

  • How about the timing of flower delivery?

Hospitals allow flower delivery during normal working hours of 10 AM to 8 PM. In case if send flowers to hospitalthere is a temporary blockage, the nursing station can receive and give it to the room. It is better to choose the time range of 10 AM to 6 PM to make flower delivery in a Sharjah hospital.

  • Delivering flowers to the nurse station is allowed in the hospital?

Yes. But in most of the cases, they ask to deliver to the room direct instead of keeping it at the nurses’ station.

  • How can I confirm if the delivery is done or not?

The online shop representative informs the sender after completion of the delivery. The sender can also, track the status of the order online. 

  • What happens if the patient already discharged by the date and time of flower delivery?

It is always possible to call the contact number given in the order and confirm before going for delivery. In case if the patient discharged, the florist shop can schedule for delivery at the home address. They can get the address from the relative or family member and inform the sender about the change of location.

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