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Terms and Conditions

    • Location and Service Area: We are a flower shop located in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates and in the service of arranging flowers as a gift and delivering it to the given address. Order for flower arrangements and delivery can be placed online using this website from any part of the world. In addition to Sharjah, orders can be delivered within Ajman area at same prices given on the website. This website should not be used for flower delivery in other Emirates or other countries.


    • Payment: Payment methods given in website can be used as per convenience. Cash upon delivery or deposit to a bank account is accepted in addition to payment by credit card and Exchange rate difference while using a credit card online in payment gateway would be applicable. Prices given in Dirham is by using the conversion rate 3.675 whereas the payment gateway would have a slightly different exchange rate, as the major currency is USD.


    • Items Other than Flowers: Few additional items like a teddy bear, chocolates, cake etc are sourced from other reputed shops as per the requirement, upon receiving an online order. Other items can be delivered only along with flower arrangement and cannot be ordered separately as they are just add-on items.


    • Cancellation and Refund: Order can be canceled before actual delivery by discussing with Sharjah Flower Delivery.Com representative on genuine reasons. Email can be sent on this matter to process a refund of payment of made by credit card online. We use payment gateway and can issue a refund upon request. If the refund is made within 4 hours of payment due to duplication or other reasons full amount will be refunded. If the order is canceled and refund requested after 4 hours there will be a card processing fee of 6% of the amount paid reduced from the refund amount.


    • Delivery Time: We start delivery at 10 AM and time is up to 8 PM. Minimum time required from receiving payment is 3 to 4 hours. A specific time cannot be promised in most of the cases but we can ensure that delivery will be completed within the committed time range.


  • Quality and Number of Flowers: Fresh flowers are being used in all the flower arrangements and they are made only by order. The number of flowers for each arrangement is mentioned for each item on the website and it will be followed.