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The Basic Tips on Customized Flowers and Cakes Order

August 29, 2020

Many of you may need flowers and cake custom-made for a specific function. At a wedding or birthday party, it may be apt to get these as per requirement instead of a quick buy from the nearby shop. The whole purpose is to make it special, suitable to the occasion, and as per requirement. It is so common but there are few tips that can make this process easy and avoid mistakes. The occasion may be a onetime affair and inexperience may spoil the plans sometimes. So, better take a few guidelines from the experts of celebration flowers and cakes.

1. Check about the requirement and Decide

It all depends upon the type of celebration and the requirement. Each occasion and the number of people gathering demands different types of flowers and cake arrangements. What suits for a wedding may not be ideal for a kid’s birthday. Therefore, check the requirement, discuss with some others, and decide the type of flower arrangement and cake.

2. Be Sure about the Specifications

  • Size
    It may depend upon the size of the function and number of people attending. Size has a direct impact on the appearance and scope for decoration. A big flower basket or stand arrangement is better for a wedding function. But, for children’s birthday celebration a medium size flower basket with picture cake may be ideal
  • Shape
    When multi-layer cakes are popular at weddings, birthday parties may require round or square type cake. Similarly, a flower arrangement can be facing or round. If it is for a gift, then hand bouquet may be the best choice for many.
  • Color & Flavor
    For the flowers and cake white color is very common for a wedding. However, some may prefer purple or yellow to mix with white as per the whole theme. There is a connection between the color and the flavor of the cake. Say, the vanilla flavor cake is in white color but the chocolate cake is in dark brown. Is it absolutely the choice of the customer, which flavor he chose for the cake, but the color of flowers may depend upon the occasion.
  • Weight
    The weight and size of flower arrangement as well as the cake is interdependent. Depending upon the requirement, one kilo to 5-kilo cake is common. Similarly, the weight of the flower arrangement depends upon the size and style.

3. Occasion Matters

The customer selects the cake and flower arrangement as per the occasion. Thus, the color, style, and size, etc. depends upon it. That is how the customization is important. In both the flower shop and cake shop, the product is made for specific occasions as per the order.

4. Locate a Reliable Supplier for Flowers and Cake

It is important to order flowers and cake with a reliable shop to avoid last-minute surprises. Therefore, the order in advance by directly visiting a shop with a good reputation for quality as well as service.

5. Select from the Florist’s and Baker’s Collection

Designs are mostly available with the florist as well as the cake shop. Customers can select from their collections and order to make it exactly or with changes. For example, select a mixed flower basket design available with the florist and ask to change it to white. Or select a particular cake design and ask to bake in another flavor.

6. Date and Time and Place of Delivery

Place, date, and time are the most important factors for celebration flowers as well as cakes. Both the items should be ready and available at the venue before the function begins. If the supplier is far away from the place of function, special attention needs to be given to this matter.

7. Take Care about Same Day Service

What if the customer forgets to order in advance for a specific date and runs to a shop to order for quick delivery or pick up the same day? Here, the customer has to accept what is readily available in case of cakes. But, in case of a flower arrangement, not too big the florist in Dubai or any other place can prepare it within minutes.

8. Ensure Safe Payment and Secure Discounts

flowers and cakeFinally, as customized arrangements need advance payment, make sure that the supplier is genuine with previous experience. While paying with cash or credit card, take the receipt and keep till the delivery. Also, ask for a better price or special discount if the order value is big.

Customers are always an asset to the flower shop and cake. They keep coming back to the same shop if the quality, quantity, and price are all right. Therefore, they will provide customization as per requirement, especially for weddings and other celebrations. Keep in mind the above recommendations and make sure it is a win-win situation for both the customer and the supplier.

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