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Things to Consider While Sending Funeral Flowers

August 5, 2021

A funeral is a highly sensitive time. It allows people to remember and honor a loved one that's no longer with them in a special and memorable way. It's a central gathering place for all the friends, family members, and relatives of a deceased person where they can express their emotions and grief with one another. It's also a time for friends and relatives to support and be there for those mourning the loss of a loved one. In view of the sensitive nature of the occasion, many people have difficulty finding the right words. It is therefore that flowers are widely used in funerals as a visual expression of our respect and love for the deceased individual and sympathy or condolences for those grieving. Flowers are also so popularly used at funerals because they are general symbols of hope, compassion, and peace. Although sending funeral flowers is a common practice, there are a few things that you should know before you do so. Read on to learn about things to consider when sending funeral flowers.

Selecting Suitable Arrangement for Funeral

Choosing the right types of flowers in your floral arrangement is the most important thing you need to keep in mind while sending funeral flowers. As you may already be aware each breed of flowers represents different emotions, ranging from love to resentment. It thus becomes necessary to choose only the blooms that accurately convey the feelings appropriate for the occasion. Moreover, all bouquet styles also have different meanings. It is therefore wise to research to find the one that matches the message you wish to convey.

Where to Send Funeral Flowers 

Along with making sure you use the right kind of flowers and appropriate style, it is also important to make sure that you send funeral flowers to the right place. There might be confusion regarding the right place of delivery. Therefore, it is better to find out whether it is to the home or funeral service location. Ensure in advance that wherever you send them there will be someone available to receive them. A reliable online florist will have a large selection of flowers ideal for the funeral ceremony.

Size and Budget That Is in Mind

The budget for send funeral flower arrangements is majorly a personal choice and dependent on your relationship with the deceased individual or their family. Flowers are rarely heavy on budget and to add to it funeral flower bouquets are supposed to be understated and subliminal. Going overboard with decorations and being extravagant isn't recommended in the case of funeral floral arrangements. If you looking for a budget-friendly funeral flower arrangement you can use various flower delivery services that will benefit the customers.

Religious Faith and Customs of the Deceased

One crucial thing that is imperative to be considered before sending funeral flowers is the religion of the departed soul. It is because in some religious beliefs such as Judaism and Islam sending flowers at a funeral is not a part of the tradition. In the Hindu religion as well sending gifts or flowers is not included in the funeral customs and you are supposed to attend the service empty-handed. In Buddhism, sending red flowers is considered to be inappropriate and only white flowers are preferred for funeral services.

What Should You Write in the Message Card?

At times like these, it's natural for you to find it difficult to think of the right words. But even so, it's always a good idea to include a heartfelt letter or card. If you're not sure about what to write in your message, think of things that you yourself would find comforting in a similar situation. Also, the message depends upon to whom you are sending flowers and the relationship with them. It is better to mention the sender name also below the message.

Who Will Receive the Flowers?

Last but not the least, it's also important to make sure your floral arrangement is addressed to and reaches the person or people that require your sympathy and support. In other words, people closest in relationship to the deceased must receive the flowers. For instance, if you're sending the sympathy flowers to the funeral of a married person their spouse would be the right person to receive them.

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