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Top Reasons to include Flower Arrangement in the Reception Area of the Office

October 7, 2022

It is rightly said that one never gets a second chance to make a first impression. And this fact holds much true in the case of businesses. As suggested by the studies, it only takes a person three seconds to form a negative impression and to make a decision. So, what can businesses do to optimize those three seconds? Well, the answer lies in the reception area.

Yes, you read that right. You can actually optimize those three seconds by making proper use of the space by including fresh flowers in the office reception. And those who are wondering how flowers can be helpful for their business, below are a few reasons listed that one can check out.

Reasons to include Flowers in the Reception Area 

Flowers offer the best way to spread positivity and calmness in space. But little do people realize that it can also benefit the business. So, to help one get a clear idea about the context, let us check out the details shared below.

a) Helps to Communicate the Business Behavior to Clients

Have you ever thought why the reception area holds the most impact than the other rooms? Because it is the place where the client or an employee spends most of the time alone. Further, when they spend a span of time in the reception area for a couple of minutes or an hour, their focus will surely fall on the room itself. So, including flowers in the office reception can be a great idea as it will create an impression of how much a business cares about its visitor's experience.

b) Works as a Low-budget Sustainable Design

Businesses that are low on budget and still wish to create a lasting impression through their decor can consider decorating the space with much of the foot traffic. Further, as floral arrangements are a classic decor option, they can easily be placed per the requirement. The best part is that they are the most affordable decor options, which one can quickly arrange in a contemporary and minimalist manner.

c) Boosts Productivity among Employees

Currently, many companies struggle to hire the perfect talent and retain them even after developing a perfect business model. It is because today employees see jobs as more than a money-earning source. So, to boost employee morale, we must offer them a proper working environment. And to achieve that, businesses can consider decorating office spaces with fresh, welcoming flowers vase. Further, it is even believed that today employees choose a comfortable workspace over an attractive package.


Be it a client's first impression or another day of work for an employee at the office, a freshly decorated flower arrangement can cause a lasting impression on the people seeing it. So, businesses interested in creating an impact can consider contacting the florist shop to choose the perfect flowers that convey their brand and bring life to the office space.





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