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At Sharjahflowers we continuously attempt to deliver you the most loyal co-operation tolerable from the first click from your side on our website. Exactly the point you log onto our portal to the time when your flowers are delivered. From the website itself or by WhatsApp or email, you will be capable of Order tracking at any time with your unique order number. It is easy to monitor the situation of your current order you just need that order number and email id. This figure can be detected on the order acknowledgment email which automatically generated by our system. 

Status of your order!

At every level of your ordering process, the status of your order modified and refreshed automatically or manually sometimes. Our florists will verify they have accepted your request and once it designed and will put as listed for shipment as per the delivery date. If the beneficiary is not available at the time of delivery, we will call and if it is ok to keep at the doorstep safely. We will bring it back if not agreed. Our operators will always be connecting and communicating with you and the recipient to make a transparent delivery. If we leave the flowers at the door, we will send the picture to both of you at the same time to let you know where the gift has been left.

The driver will inform the operators about the order. "0rder number 12345 delivered to *Recipient Name", then your flower delivery status will be refreshed on the system. Finally, we will send a detailed email to confirm the flowers already delivered to the recipient. We aim to guarantee all our regular deliveries considered as delivered within 4 Hours from ordering time. This is our manual order tracking system. *If your order time has reached and your flowers have not delivered, please communicate our customer service on +97165665586. If the status of your order isn't what you expected, contact us here (Whatsapp) +971504708371 and we will help you.