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15 Mixed Roses

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  • 15 mixed roses bouquet
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Product Description

Flowers Designed with Your Thoughts in Mind.

Flowers mean a lot in relationships, more especially in a romantic one. There are a lot of flowers that can ignite the mood of romance when presenting to your loved one. However, the intensity of the emotion that roses can invoke is amazing and can’t be equaled with any other flowers. Roses are endowed with cool color ranges. When choosing roses or 15 mixed roses bouquet for presenting, knowing what their color represents will make it more worthy and meaningful on the occasion.

Red roses are the most popular and ubiquitous ones. What does a red rose mean or what emotion does it represent or invoke? It goes without saying that red symbolizes passion. Every romantic relationship is passionate and exchanging red roses or 15 mixed roses bouquet with red roses is quite appropriate. Another common color folks choose while selecting roses is pink. A pink rose is a true representation of innocent love. Presenting your partner a bouquet of pink roses would mean you love him or her without bounds and any expectations. Innocent love is pure in nature and has no boundary at all. If you just want to indirectly tell your partner how much her presence or the person that she makes you happy, you can give her a bouquet of yellow roses.